400 to 14,000 Organic Traffic in the Finance Niche

400 to 14,000 Organic Traffic in the Finance Niche - Kredium Case Study

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The purpose is to give you an interesting story of ups and downs of building an authority media brand in a very competitive space.

The data is taken from public sources like Ahrefs, Wayback archive etc.


I consulted pro-bono with my friend Misa from Kredium.rs in early 2021 about high-level SEO strategy and how to target multiple regions and languages.

Kredium is a Finance niche website offering non-resident mortgage services.

Their goal was to target 🇷🇸Serbia first, then the 🇦🇪United Arab Emirates and, lastly, the 🇺🇸United States.


The main issue we discussed was how to target different regions with different languages.

In SEO, it’s best to leverage the domain authority of .com and target other languages with directories (/rs or /ae).

But it also means that if the .com gets penalized it will drag down everything.

We had several other calls discussing publishing workflow, website structure, On-Page SEO and building backlinks.

The team had little prior experience with SEO.


Directory vs. Domain Decision

We decided that the best path forward is to build country specific websites on .com for the 🇺🇸 US, .rs for 🇷🇸 Serbia and .ae for 🇦🇪 UAE.

The teams and entities were mostly separate so it made sense to separate domains too.

Website Structure

My advice for them was to create root (pillar) topics and then build sub-topics targeting longer tail keywords.

Their root topics were mortgages and loans.

As for informational articles, they could target Finance keywords broadly.

On-Page SEO

Kredium didn’t have a dedicated SEO team at the beginning.

I gave them a basic On-Page SEO checklist and one high level advice.

“Your articles should be so comprehensive that the user will never need to Google on this topic again”

Link Building

I showed Misa our content marketing campaigns from Sleep Advisor.

He understood the value of building tools and calculators in the Finance niche.

Kredium mortgage calculator page

They built detailed calculators for each topic.

Best By Links Report

Kredium best by links


I take zero credit for their result. I only pointed them in the right direction and they executed masterfully.


Kredium Organic Traffic RS


Kredium.ae - UAE


The US version got very little love with just 41 pages but still managed to rank for Best mortgage broker.

Kredium.com best mortgage broker ranking
Kredium.com - US


Nemanja Mirkovic
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