Sleep Foundation Acquisition Case Study

Sleep Foundation Acquisition Case Study

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with or One Care Media.

I am writing this for educational purposes on how to execute a masterful acquisition and get extremely fast ROI.


When we started Sleep Advisor there were only a few decent competitors.

The rest were typical spammy affiliate blogs.

There were a few non-profit sites that nobody even considered as competition.

They targeted no affiliate keywords (best / reviews etc.)

🧑‍🔬 Scientists run it, so they probably had no clue about monetization.

But what they had was massive authority and thousands of high DR backlinks.

One morning I woke up and our traffic started falling like a rock.

In a month we lost 50% of the traffic.

Sleep Advisor drop in traffic

It wasn’t a penalty. was Acquired by One Care Media.

The acquisition amount wasn’t disclosed, so I won’t make educated guesses.

They added a complete pre-written topical map of affiliate keywords to a new and redesigned website.

Before Acquisition

Sleep Foundation Before

After Acquisition

SleepFoundation - After

No surprise, they started ranking for most keywords.

Not just any. Money keywords.

Sleep Foundation Traffic Value


Sleep Foundation Acquisition

🏆 #1-3 for main affiliate keywords

📈190% traffic increase in 12 months

📈 5x traffic increase since the acquisition

ROI – ❓ (Infinite comes to mind)


Nemanja Mirkovic
Nemanja Mirkovic


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